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Jazztel is a Spanish telecommunications company which offers triple play services (telephone, Internet and television). Jazztel was founded in 1998 by Martin Varsavsky. Jazztel is a Spanish company that is owned by a British company called Jazztel p.l.c.  It was incorporated under the laws of England and Wales in July 1998. It is Registered in England and Wales with Company Number 3597184. Its Reg
Jazztel is a Spanish telecommunications company which offers triple play services (telephone, Internet and television). Jazztel was founded in 1998 by Martin Varsavsky. Jazztel is a Spanish company that is owned by a British company called Jazztel p.l.c.  It was incorporated under the laws of England and Wales in July 1998.

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Jazztel is a Spanish telecommunications company which offers triple play services (telephone, Internet and television). Jazztel was founded in 1998 by Martin Varsavsky. Jazztel is a Spanish company that is owned by a British company called Jazztel p.l.c. It was incorporated under the laws of England and Wales in July 1998.


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Former Employee - Senior Engineer says

"I worked at Jazztel full-time for less than a year Cons: bad organization and poor management"

Current Employee - Senior Tax Accountant says

"I have been working at Jazztel full-time Cons: Lack of progression opportunities internally"


"I have been working at Jazztel Cons: Wages compared with the telecommunications sector and downsizing of the company due to ERE."

Zozi says

"Horrible customer service, they take whatever money they want from uour account. One time they charged me 180 euros for adsl and claimed i had made international calls which I did not and were nowhere to be found on my records. They are thieves, amd the internet is SO slow and cuts off all the time, so does my cellphone coverage. Absolute garbage. Minus 10000 stars if i could."

Aida Halaoui says

"Fake ad, misleading info, especially, LIARS and THIEVES."

Mahi Marwaha says

"Very dissapointed its been more than a month got adsl internet from jazztel nd they are not activating net every time i call to custmor service they just say its will wrk next week, next week, just tierd of eaiting so long ver bad service u have shame of u that no one helping not doing anything about it ."

Calum Cant says

"If I could give -10000 I would. We will be going to the police about their absolutely disgraceful service and scam which we've been involved in."

Lee Needham says

"Avoid the company!
We had an home internet and mobiles account through 2019 with Jazztel, here in Ibiza. We cancelled in the middle of February after receiving an extortionate bill for 5 days in Morocco (We are talking over 300E for using 2 mobiles, this is WITH their use abroad package).
We informed them we were leaving and the provider also assured us that THEY would be contacting Jazztel as well. But we also called as we needed to know where to return the home router.
After checking online I saw that many people had had problems with Jazztel continuing to take payments after cancellation so on March 1st, after the final bill was taken out of the account, I cancelled the direct debit at the bank to be sure.
Since then we have continued to be billed, despite speaking to Jaztel and numerous occasions in April and now May. We are now being told that if we don’t pay the bill we start to incur interest charges so i am fuming and will take this as high as i can go to get it resolved.

Monika Pawlak says

"Son unos estafadores!!!"

Tina Reeves says

"I ordered the Jazztel internet service to be installed into a house I was moving into. I couldn't move into the house without internet as I work online. They were fast in getting an engineer out to check that their service was available in the area. Their engineer arrived on a Friday to inspect and said an engineer would return on the following Monday to connect. A week later no one had arrived so I called them. They said a courier had tried to deliver a router with no success. I had already told them no one was living at the house and an engineer would have to call half an hour before arriving. But I did ask why they were trying to deliver a router. This was when they told me no engineer would be coming but that I would be able to set up the router myself. Eventually some 3 weeks later the router arrived and when set up, it didn't work. Numerous phone calls were made to support and my son-in-law spent over an hour on the phone to one of their engineers. Still the router wouldn't work. They said they would send an engineer within 72 hours. When they didn't I called again and they said he would arrive within 72 hours so I gave them another 72 hours telling them I would have to cancel the service if he didn't arrive. He didn't arrive so I cancelled the service. I am now being harassed day and night by their debt collection agency to pay over 167 euros for a service that I never had. The agency says I must pay the money and then reclaim it from Jazztel. I told them to take me to court. Jazztel is quick to take your order but if anything goes wrong they are incompetent and then expect you to pay for their incompetence. My issue has been going on for 6 months."

Amazing Uvita says

"I wish I came here first to check the other reviews before signing up for a year. Unscrupulous unethical and rude. I would not sign up with them even if was a fraction of the fee. Customer support brings shame to Spain, every single rep was obnoxious, rude they even hung up the phone a couple of times.
They took out funds from our bank account without any previous permission or notice and when I declined the unjustified charge they cut the line. Customer support is so obnoxious and rude that you reach an impass.
I DO NOT recommend this company."

Happy Jeni Tuyú says

"Estafa. Ineficientes. Te mandan de un departamento a otro para no solucionar nada. Os arrepentiréis."

Markus Allard says

"Systematically overcharges then makes it neigh impossible to get your money back."

Miguel Molina says

"After seeing the complaints of many around here with this company, I want to leave the possibility of having an excellent service at a better price, hiring More Mobile, which devastates the portability for its reliability and treatment that gives to the customers
I leave my contact phone number for more information 622532788
A cordial greeting.

Después de ver las quejas de muchos por aquí con esta compañía, os quiero dejar la posibilidad de tener un excelente servicio a mejor precio, contratando con MásMovil, que arrasa en las portabilidades por su fiabilidad y trato qué da a sus clientes.
Dejo mi teléfono de contacto para más información 622532788
Un cordial saludo."

Pedro D Olivieri says

"The worst service I've seen!!!!"

Tina Reeves says

"I ordered the Jazztel service on 12 September. There is fibre optic available within 5 metres of the house but the engineer who came out told me I could only have ADSL. He checked that ADSL would work in the house and then said an engineer would come to install it within 5 days. When no engineer turned up I called them which is a real hassle trying to get past their automated switchboard. They said they were sending me a router and I could install it myself. On 20th September the router arrived and didn't work. 2 hours on the phone to a technical engineer still produced no result. I finally agreed to them sending an engineer to install the system within 72 hours. I told them if they did not send one during that period of time I would cancel the service. No engineer has arrived so I am cancelling the service today. 28 September 2019."

Allan W says

"Not worth the hassle, they will lie and finally when you're locked into the 1 year contract and you will be, with a trick somewhere, you're stuck to pay whatever they remove from your bank account. In Spain there are no rules, no laws to protect consumers, you're on your own and you can do nothing. We ended up paying close to 1000 Euros for a dsl and 1 sim card unlimited calls with 4 gb, for 1 year that originally was supposed to be 450 Euros..

Really stay away..

After living for 16 months in Spain I came to realize, from the 1st month, that the whole system is based on lies to consumers, from government to institutions.. I've had better services in some African countries never mind the USA or Canada where I am from."

Steen Skovgaard says

"Don't ever use this company. they are imposible to contact from abroad. they dont have any telephonenumbers you can use and no emails are displayed anywhere. I'm stock to cancel a subscribtion I don't want because they charce triple price corresponding to others."

Andra Alexă says

"1 star just because couldn't give 0. We tried to contact them to get a contract and their customer service just directed us to dead ends without ability to talk to anyone. Imagine being customer of such company.
If they act like this when we try to give them money, imagine when we need to solve issues. OMG NO!!!"

Francois Li says

"Their selling techniques by phone is really agressive and unacceptable. They are urging you to switch to their service within a few hours, or the offer will expire. And later their so-called quality departments dares contacting you. They are sharks!"

Egbon Blessing says

"Very poor company.i told them to cut mi contract and they are still collecting my money"

Xavier Levine says

"JAZZTEL ES CARISSIMO IN ROAMING. Viajé a Suiza y me cobraron casi 50 euros por menos de 5 MB de datos. UNA ESTAFA"

LG says

"Malísimo. Abuso y atropello!
Pretende que el cliente asuma sus errores!!!
Realizan cobros ilegales a sabiendas que han cometido un error!"